Quality Care for Children has been in the business of helping parents find and choose quality child care for more than 35 years. In those years we have grown from a child care referral service operating from file cards in shoe boxes, to providing a state-of-the–art consumer education call center, web search, and app and serving more than 27,000 families every year. With the successful launch of Quality Rated, these families now have a better understanding of the importance of high quality care and the tools to choose such care.

Despite this progress, many parents, knowing the impact of early learning on brain development and the importance of a quality program, still experience anxiety and even guilt when they drop their children off at child care. If this is true for parents without financial constraints, imagine being the parent who understands the importance of quality child care, but knows that financially it is out of their reach.

In Georgia, more than half of the 392,000 infants and toddlers live in low-income families and more than a third live in areas of concentrated poverty. For these families, the statement that quality is critical, coupled with the lack of financial assistance to make quality affordable, sends a disheartening message about the low value we place on their children. If this is not the message we intend to send, then we need bold action to make quality affordable.

Pam Tatum
President & CEO