Today many families face both time and financial restrictions in finding quality child care. QCC helps families find convenient and affordable quality child care through programs like ALL-GA-KIDS and our Emergency Child Care Program.


ALL-GA-KIDS is a free child care, after school, and summer camp referral service provided by QCC. Through this program, QCC provides more than 27,000 referrals each year for Georgia parents. QCC's child care referral specialists understand the challenges of finding quality child care and help parents find programs that fits their unique needs. Parents can receive free referrals through QCC's call center, by using the ALLGAKIDS.org online search, and from the ALL-GA-KIDS mobile app. In addition to these referral services, QCC also provides resources to parents to help them better understand how to identify and access quality care.

Why we do it:

Finding quality care is important, but often challenging and time consuming for families.

Annual impact:
  • Provided 27,788 free referrals to parents seeking child care, afterschool, and summer camps

  • Made 13,438 updates to child care provider database to ensure parent referral information is current and accurate

  • Shared critical information about quality child care to parents at 43 community events

Emergency Child Care

QCC's Emergency Child Care program (ECC) assists families who are experiencing crisis situations by providing access to resources for short-term child care that allow them to avoid state interventions (ex. foster care). Crisis situations include domestic violence, hospitalization, and job loss among others. ECC is regarded as a model program and has achieved national attention from other early learning agencies.

Why we do it:

Crisis situations can have a long-term impact on child's development

Annual impact:
  • Provided safe, stable emergency child care for 17 families in crisis

  • Coordinated corporate holiday drives that supplied more than $24,000 worth of donated books, warm clothing, and toys to 120 children from families in crisis